Twist in the tale
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After Mink and Vrajesh get evicted, the housemates are seen talking about their absence in the garden area. Urvashi is left in tears as she misses her close buddy Mink. Niketan, Rajev and Karishma console her. Meanwhile, Vishal and Sapna have a small argument over keeping the sun bed near the pool instead of the gym area. Vishal dislikes Sapna’s comments and confirms that he will not move it until Bigg Boss asks him to.

Imam is seen arranging the vegetarian food in the kitchen counter. He drops the dal and a few rotis on the floor. On seeing this, Rajev and Karishma give him an earful and tell him to stay away from things unnecessarily. Urvashi is seen complimenting Imam’s character and dedication towards the household chores to Karishma. Almost simultaneously, Imam is complimenting Urvashi’s persona and behavior in general to Nirahua, Vishal and Santosh. 

Niketan has a discreet conversation with Rajev. Here, Niketan advices Rajev to nominate Delnaaz in the coming week. The night comes to an end with Aashka and Sana running around the garden area. The duo literally fall on each other and have a mini wrestling match in between them and Delnaaz tries to separate them. 

The housemates wake up to an apt song – ‘Paisa Paisa’.  The housemates wake up and notice a big grey chair placed in the garden area. Karishma and Sana have a close look at the chair and make their own assumptions. In sometime, Imam walks into the housemates sitting in the dining area. Imam shows off as he had won 5 lacs for being the most entertaining. His sarcastic comments and taunts irritate a few others but everyone keeps their calm and let him go.

Imam is then seen having a conversation with Delnaaz and Karishma. Delnaaz expresses her concern and requests Imam to stop wearing colorful masks etc and dress like a stud instead. Imam reacts and confesses that he is not straight anymore and expresses that he feels for men more these days. Karishma and Delnaaz tell him to start a family etc. Imam walks away and says he will explain his side of the story in detail some other time. 

In sometime, Bigg Boss assembles all the housemates for this week’s nominations. All the housemates nominate the ones they dislike or disapprove. After all the tallying is done, Bigg Boss announces that this time around the housemates with the least number of votes will be nominated instead of the usual. The housemates are shell shocked and split into laughter on hearing this unforeseen twist. To make it more interesting, Bigg Boss even introduces a task called ‘pechan kaun’ to all the housemates. Sapna is assigned reading all the dialogues/reasons delivered by the housemates to nominate the others. Each of the housemate had to guess the person on hearing their comment. All the housemates give in their best and at the end of it the most nominated contestants make fun of the others and thank Bigg Boss for the twist in the tale. 

As the night approaches, Sana is seen scratching her legs sitting beside Aashka and Delnaaz. Aashka raises her tone and tells Sana not to scratch her wounds. Delnaaz requests Sapna to call for some medicines. Aashka runs inside the house and starts crying as she is upset with Sana’s reaction on her concern. Sana and Delnaaz console Aashka and they patch up.

In sometime, Bigg Boss introduces a stretcher for Vishal to teach him a lesson as he is generally lazy and loves to lie down on the sun bed. The housemates laugh and appreciate Bigg Boss’s thinking. Delnaaz is seen talking to Aashka about how Rajev has stopped talking to her post their spat in front of Salman Khan and exclaims how fake Rajev’s love was. The night comes to an end as Vishal is literally carried by Niketan, Nirahua and Santosh into the boy’s room.

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