Turning negative is a high: Minal Karpe #SSK
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Theatre and TV actress Minal Karpe has grabbed limelight these days with her character of Baa which has suddenly turned negative in Colors popular show Sasural Simar Ka. We spoke to her about this latest development:
With her negative instinct, Baa has suddenly become the limelight of Sasural Simar Ka?
Absolutely, Baa is out and out negative. Initially, she appeared to be a very humble and kind person but the fact is that she is very cunning and wicked inside. She is the master mind behind Sunaina’s murder with his younger son Kartik. Also, it’s on her say that Kartik runs the illegal organ trade racket in Navjeevan Hospital. She is not even handicapped; she pretends to be on the wheel chair.
What is going to happen next?
Now that Baa knows that Simar and Roli have dug up the mystery behind Sunaina’s murder, she will make life miserable for the two sisters. She is staying back in Delhi to keep an eye on the two sisters.
How do you feel after turning negative?
Turning negative in the show is a high for me. Now Baa will be bang on, there is no back seat for her. When I was offered this character I did not know that it will turn into a negative character. I am completely thrilled as it is the second time in my 35 year long career that I am playing a negative character.
How do you spend time on the sets?
I hardly have any time to spend on the sets. Since I have turned negative, I stay tensed because I have to learn really long scripts. As soon as I reach I start mugging up my lines. Even during my make-up I keep memorizing my lines. It has suddenly become a tough job. But I am enjoying it.
What kind of feedback have you received for it?
I am not very active on social media so I have no idea about the feedback from that end. But for me, the actual feedback is from people I meet when I step out from the house. But these days I am not getting any free time to go out. But few days back I received a call from a friend’s daughter and she explained how she is really fond of the show and that she loved my character. I was really surprised and delighted.
How do you feel when people say that they hate you in the show?
I think it’s the best compliment I can get. My character is to be hated and I feel I am doing my job well.

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