Tu Aashiqui: Pankti and Ahaan see the most trying times in their love story.
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Last on ‘Tu Aashiqui’ we saw that Pankti gives away her expensive jewelries to the police in order to release Ahaan from the jail. Ahaan later tells Pankti that now he will only meet her once he earns the whole money.





More this week we will see that Ahaan’s mother, Aparna gets to know about the whole deal between Ahaan and JD. Aparna also offers Ahaan a help for the money but he refuses, on the other side even JD tries convincing Ahaan to back off from the challenge but Ahaan remains adamant.





Pankti’s sister Poorva gets shocked to see Ahaan performing at a wedding, just then she gets on a call with Pankti. Pankti asks who is singing and if that’s Ahaan but Poorva avoids answering her.





Sheetal’s suspicion against JD makes her take certain actions, but getting no proofs makes JD safe once again. Luckily JD gets to know about Sheetal’s plans just at the right time.



Monty with whom Poorva goes for the party reveals Ahaan that she asked for help for Ahaan and this makes her feel bad and she leaves the party.





JD keeps reminding Anita about what would she be without him reminding her past. Anita gets furious on knowing that Poorva left the party because of an argument with Monty as it was a big thing she is about to hit her and just then Pankti arrives.



Will Pankti be able to save her sister? Also watch Pankti helping Ahaan in a big way this week.



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