Trouble in Zain-Aaliya paradise! #Beintehaa
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  • July 31, 2014
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Just after the big Eid celebration, things have not been the same for the Abdullah family. In the episode we saw how Nafisa poisoned Suraiya’s Sheer Korma and all the blame went on to Aaliya and to prove her innocence Aaliya had to eat the poisoned dish. Although, Aaliya was saved, Ghulam and Suraiya got really scared and decided to file a case against Suraiya. When Shabana tells this to Osman, he shows his disagreement. Shabana and Ghulam give up the plan of filing the police complaint and throw the papers in a dustbin. Here Nafisa clinches another chance to play wicked; she picks the papers and made a police complaint landing Suraiya and Zain in trouble.
On the other hand, Aaliya has no clue of what all has happened in the Barkat Villa as she leaves to meet Aayat and Rizwan. It’s after watching the news channel she gets to know that Zain and Suraiya are in jail. She faints! Later she gets to know that the papers that Ghulam and Shabana made her sign were used to file the complaint. Will Aaliya be able to prove her innocence? Will Zain forgive Aaliya for this? Will Nafisa be caught for what she has done?
The plight was bigger for Osman Abdullah, in the paralysed state he saw his wife and son being taken away to the police station. In this critical health condition, will he be able to take this big trauma! Keep watching Beintehaa to know what happens next!

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