Tring! Tring! Bigg Boss sets up a Call Centre for the Luxury Budget task!
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  • January 13, 2015
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This morning I saw a full blown call centre functioning out of the Bigg Boss house. It was the luxury budget task for the week wherein during the first day of the task the Champions were turned into the Customer Care executives resolving the issues and queries of the Challengers, who were the customers of the day, over the phone. 

The Call centre was set up in the garden area whereas the customers had the telephone placed in the bedroom from where they could make a call to the executive they wished to talk to, but one at a time. The whole purpose was to annoy and instigate the callers in such a way that the executive lost temper and banged the phone making the challengers win some points. Now how would the customers trigger the anger in them was entirely their call. Ten minutes each was given to the customer to provoke the employees of the Call Centre.


The first customer was Mr.Gautam Gulati and the call was made for Ali. Karishma was made the supervisor of the office and because of that all the calls had to be directed through her. Gautam started off asking questions to Ali like “Aapne Ajaz ko bahar kyun nikala? Aap itni acting kyun karte hain?” as Ali started with fumble responses, Gautam got even more involved as the next questions he asked without taking a pause were “Kya aapko pata hai ki aapn sabse bade double dholki hain? Ajaz ne aapke bare mein kaafi sangeen baatein ki hain, jaise…. Aap kuch kehna chahehnge?” As Gautam tried to coax him to burst out, Ali tried all this wits in controlling himself, because that was the task all about and he had no option but to maintain his compose! He took chill pills, as he responded saying “Gautam aap mujhe kaafi pasandh hain,aapko dekh ke mujhe kuch hone lagta hai”.


What do you think,who won this round? Was Gautam successful in making him feel mad at him or Gautam himself got upset with Ali’s counter responses?


Watch the exciting episode tonight straight from the BB Call Centre!


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