Tridev rescue Bhoomi from Amritlal! Sanskaar Weekly Recap 19th-25th July
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As Bhoomi was nowhere to be found, the whole family started looking for her, and Ketki had to lie to Ansu Baa when she asked about her. Hasmukh alleged that Bhoomi had left of her own accord as she couldn’t adjust to their lifestyle, but Kishan and his family refused to believe him. (Watch as the family is tensed about Bhoomi)

Bharti sent a message from Bhoomi’s phone that she had found, saying that she had left, but Kishan still persisted in looking for her. 

While Kishan and Karsan were thinking about their plan, Amritlal called Ansu Baa and informed her about Bhoomi’s kidnapping and asked for the mill’s papers in return for her bahu. Ansu Baa slapped Kishan and scolded the family for lying to her, and informed them that Bhoomi had been kidnapped. (Watch the family’s shock here)

The whole family heard Amritlal’s next call, when he asked them to bring the papers at a specified location, and also showed them the proof that Bhoomi was with him. 

The whole family agreed on the fact that Amritlal was behind Bhoomi’s kidnapping, and Kishan left to look for his wife. But when he reached the spot, he was trapped by Amritlal, and the duo had a confrontation. (Watch the confrontation here)

Amritlal called Karsan and asked him to bring the mill as well as Vaishnav house papers to rescue Kishan and Bhoomi. While Amritlal decided to take Bhoomi to Mumbai to sell her off, Kishan was busy getting free from Amritlal’s goons with Dilip’s help. (Watch as the brothers save each other)

Meanwhile, Ankit and Bharti hatched a plan wherein Ankit would impersonate Amritlal on call and ask for Hasmukh to send the mill papers. They involved Hasmukh in the plan, and accordingly the call was made and Hasmukh was handed over the mill papers. (Watch Bharti’s evil plan here)

When Amritlal found out that Kishan had overpowered his goons, he decided to take Bhoomi to Mumbai immediately. In the Vaishnav house, Bharti and Ankit double crossed Hasmukh by calling him on speaker phone and making the whole family listen to his intention of not giving the mill papers to Amritlal. (Watch as Ankit traps Hasmukh)

Hasmukh was caught by Ansu Baa and Karsan, and Ansu Baa berated Hasmukh for being selfish and felt sorry about giving birth to him.

Meanwhile, Kishan found a clue that Bhoomi was in Mumbai, and immediately called his friend up, who asked him to get in touch with Vasu Bhau to find out Bhoomi. Accordingly, Kishan left for Mumbai, and when his vehicle broke down, he met Rathore (Uttaran), who gave him a lift till Mumbai, and promised to meet again if destiny desired. (Watch their encounter here)

On the way, Kishan was told by a priest that Tridev would come to his help. Kishan approached Vasu (Na Bole Tum-2) for help but was rudely rejected by him. (Watch Kishan and Vasu’s encounter here)

Kishan later saved Akash (Uttaran) when some goons tried to steal the birthday gift that he had bought for Meethi. The duo was also helped by Rathore, and together they thrashed the goons away. (Watch the action packed sequence here)

When Rathore found out about Kishan’s dilemma, he took him to Vasu again, but when Rathore reminded about the relationships, Vasu agreed to help them and revealed where Amritlal was planning to sell Bhoomi after the Nag Panchami puja. (Watch as Vasu comes to Kishan’s help

Rathore, Akash and Kishan reached the place where Vasu had directed them, and the three bashed up Amritlal’s goons. Amritlal fired in the air and revealed that he had kidnapped Bhoomi as well as Ansu Baa, so that Kishan, Rathore and Akash were helpless against him. (Watch the confrontation here)

But just then, Vasu came and over powered Amritlal, and then the Tridev fought all of Amritlal henchmen, and managed to rescue Bhoomi and get Amritlal arrested. (Watch as the Tridev triumph over Amritlal

Finally, Kishan thanked the Tridev and went away happily with Ansu Baa and Bhoomi.

Will this mean the end of Bhoomi and Kishan’s ordeals? Or will Bharti’s presence make their life difficult? 

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