Tridev Mahasangam on Colors!
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In the time of ensemble casts and movies like Avengers making akilling at the box office, Colors is going to have its very own assembly of heroes in the Tridev Mahasangam. In this case, it will be the heroes from the shows Uttaran, Sanskaar and Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha-2 who will come together. Why? To save Bhoomi, who has been kidnapped and taken to Mumbai by Amritlal.

So Kishan (Sanskaar), Raghuvendra Rathore (Uttaran) and Vasu (Na Bole Tum-2) will come together as her knights in shining armour and rescue her. Now you must be wondering how these Tridevs from different shows will come together. Kishan will meet Rathore on his way to Mumbai, after he finds out that Bhoomi has been taken to Mumbai by Amritlal. After Rathore finds out what (or rather who) Kishan is looking for, he’ll decide to help Kishan in his mission. Enter Vasu- A gangster, and the only person who can trace Bhoomi’s whereabouts in the big bad city of Mumbai. But sadly, Vasu will refuse to help Kishan find his wife. 

Worry not, Vasu will soon have a change of heart and use his contacts to find out where Bhoomi has been hidden. Not only that, Rathore, Vasu and Kishan will also fight Amritlal’s goons and rescue Bhoomi, giving a happy ending to Kishan and Bhoomi’s ordeal.

And as a sone pe suhaga to this ‘Tridev Mahasangam’, the trio will be joined by Akash (Mrunal Jain). Akash will be seen facing his own set of problems as some gangsters try to steal the hard earned money that he had reserved for Meethi’s birthday gift. While he is battling these goons, Kishan will run to his rescue and as a return to his favour, Akash will also join Kishan in rescuing Bhoomi.

All the four actors- Jay Soni (Kishan), Gaurav Chopra (Rathore), Kunal Karan Kapoor (Vasu) and Mrunal Jain (Akash) have been shooting for these action-packed sequences, and the Mahasangam will be telecast on Thursday, from 9-10.30 pm. So make sure you don’t miss our heroes in action! 

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