Total drama in Meethi’s sangeet. Weekly Update – 1st Feb to 7th Feb
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The week began with Tapasya confronting Mukta about being late. Mukta tries to explain but nobody believes her and even Tapasya blames her for lying. Watch this sequence right here.

Mukta goes to her room and tries to get in touch with Rathore. But unfortunately, she doesn’t get through his phone and feels helpless. Surbhi comes into console her and not knowing that she is actually Akash’s sister, Mukta gives her information about the real Vishnu and states that he works in an NGO. Surbhi then passes on this information to Akash who decides to end Vishnu’s chapter. At that point, real Vishnu’s entry is shown. Watch it right here.

Vishnu finds out Ichcha’s house address from Satara Jail and reaches Bundela House. There he meets Nani and Umed Singh but nobody finds out his name. Meanwhile, Mukta goes to patch up with Meethi and she forgives him. Even Mukta and Tapasya make up and they are shown making fun of Tej Singh. Watch as Tej Singh plans to take revenge from Tapasya.

The Mahasangam episode begins and Ichcha goes to Megha’s house to invite her and Mohan for Meethi’s wedding. But there she comes to know about Megha and Mohan’s separation. She then reaches Mohan’s office to give an invite and looking at the two so miserable decides to get them back together. Watch as Ichcha meets Mohan and Megha after 12 years.

The ceremony begins and Mukta comes up to perform first. She dances on the song Radha and invites everyone to join her. Surbhi then catches up with Vishnu and tries to get information from him. Watch Surbhi and Vishnu’s conversation in this video.

Vishnu tries to approach Ichcha but she doesn’t recognize him and passes by him to welcome her son-in-law Akash. Surbhi breathes a sigh of relief and takes Vishnu out and asks him to leave. Watch as Surbhi tries to get rid of Vishnu.

Rathore finally returns and is shown entering on the song Shava Shava. He invites Ichcha and Veer to join him on the dance floor and both him and Tapasya share a moment of love. He then goes to meet his daughter Mukta and she confesses to him about having to talk something really urgent and explains how no one believes her.

Megha also comes to join in the celebrations and catches up with Damini. They both go down memory lane and remember how Megha had once helped Ichcha when no one was there for her. Watch as Megha reconnects with Ichcha and family.

Soon after Megha enters, Mohan also comes in and finds her standing in front of him. But unfortunately, Megha doesn’t see him and Mohan is reminded of all the good times spent with his wife.

Remembering the promise he had made to Megha, Mohan immediately leaves. Ichcha tries to stop him but he explains to her why he can’t show his face to Megha yet. Watch this sequence right here.

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