Top 6 Khiladis Who Impressed Us To The Core #KKK6
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Fear Factor – Kharton Ke Khiladi – Darr Ka Blockbuster Returns has left no page unturned in giving us thrilling action packed weekends. The finale is just a week away and you will agree that this season all the Khialdis have surprised us. This season none of the Khiladis have backed out from performing their stunt so far and it is trend-setting in itself. Here are the top 6 Khiladis who impressed us to the core!

1.) Aashish Chaudhary:




This boy has been just fanatastic throughout the season. From entertaining everyone by his amazing comic timing to performing any stunt given to him, Aashish has given his all to the show and has surely impressed all his viewers.

2.) Meiyang Chang:




The surprise package as the other khiladis call him, Meiyang Chang has popped out to be very impressive in this season and has surprised everyone by performing the most challenging stunts.

3.) Sagarika Ghatge:




The ChakeDe girl Sagarika Ghatge once again has proven that she can give a tough time to all the male Khiladis this season. Sagarika might not seem fearless but when the time comes to perform her stunt she does not back out come what may!

4.) Asha Negi:




One of the strongest Khiladis from the lot this season. Asha Negi has definately grown as a contestant who fought her fears and impressed everybody in everyway.

5.) Iqbal Khan:




Initially Iqbal Khan did not appear to be not as strong as a contestant compared to his physique. But, as he started performing in the elimination stunts gave him a bosst of confidence and emerged as a very competetive contestant. Iqbal was sure a surprise.

6.) Hussain Kuwajerwala:




Last but not he least, a man who believes in not giving up until you try it atleast once. Hussains self confidence has been an inspiration for the other Khiladis as well. A superb team support and and a very tough contestant Hussain has found his spot in our list of Top 6 Khiladis who impressed us to the core.



This boyuwajerwala has been full of energy throughout the season. From entertaining the audiences to performing stunts Aashish has given his 100
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