Top 5 Signs that prove Swara and Lucky are the perfect couple! #Swaragini
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Swara and Lucky are one such couple we just can't get enough of! Quite evidently we always saw the spark between the two and looks like soon Lucky is going to come out and just blurt out his feelings!
Well, this happened quite naturally when we saw Lucky develop a soft corner for Swara and how protective and caring he has become towards his Love interest.
So, here are the hints which make us believe the duo can be THE perfect couple –
1. Strong connection– Swara always fought for her sister’s well being. She didn’t even hesitate to challenge Lucky, who she felt was a mismatch for Ragini in the beginning. We saw how differently Lucky behaved towards her from day one, although he carried no feelings as such. Well, at that stage he wouldn’t behave the same with other girls. Did you note that?
2.In-built understanding – Too filmy if we say ‘Kabhi Kabhi kisi ko jaanne mein saalon lag jaate hain, aur kabhi kabhi bass kuch pal’. This is exactly what happened with Lucky and Swara, whatever situation might be the conversation between them always reflected a deep understanding about each other’s thoughts.
3. Khatti-meethi friendship – Everything said and done, Swara and Lucky became great friends when Lucky left his family for to take a stand for what he believed in. He went out of his way and helped the two sisters Swaragini in an attempt to re-unite their families. Like true friends Swara and Lucky supported each other. And in that process we also saw the cute ‘Nok-Jhok’ between the two, which just clearly hinted that there's much more than meets the eyes. Can't. Wait!
4. Opposites attract? Not here! – In this case we can only say that it's not necessary that opposites always attract. Here, when we saw the serene and simple Ragini, a typical girl-next door falling in love with Lucky he on the other hand didn't felt the same. Rather he fell for a bindaas girl like Swara and realised how similar they both are. Oops, wrong wavelengths in the first one!
5.Love is blind – Isn't it true that love just happens? The same is the case here, while we see Lucky every day getting serious about his feelings, Swara is yet completely unaware. But don’t the above mentioned points suffice the fact that the two are just perfect for each other?What’s your take on it? Tell us in the comment box below!







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