Tonight Shani’s fight in Nav Grah Yuddh is with Mangal & Rahu, will he win?
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In the last episode of Shani we saw how Chandra tricked Shani and Yami notices this. Since Chandra has the power to control water, a huge Tsunami wave comes and drowns Shani. Chandra uses this opportunity to kill Shani since he is more powerful at that point in time.  Just when Shani almost collapses, Yami shouts back at Shani saying he will have to survive for their mother’s dignity. Shani immediately gets back and defeats Chandra.





Since the fight is happening on the house of death, Shani tells Chandra that a person cannot die because of the planet’s position on his kundli but because of his karmas.






After victory Shani takes the sthaan of Pati-Patni where Mangal and Rahu have teamed up to defeat Shani. Rahu tells Shani that he has nobody in his life and nobody loves him. In fact he killed his sister Bhadra and his mother Chhaya also abandoned him, what will he fight for? Also that he doesn’t have a lady in his life so makes no sense for him fight this battle and that he should surrender in front of him and Mangal.






Just then Shani notices silhouette of a woman as the trio fights. Who is she? And what’s the purpose of her being there? Will Shani be able to defeat Rahu and Mangal?



Watch everything in tonight’s episode!


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