Tod do ye Deewaar!
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  • December 1, 2012
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Yes, the house, the super active modern house (Thanks to Imam) and the reletively quiter Padosi house (Thanks to Imam again) with 10 and 4 contestants respectively will become one tonight!And, all the housemates now will come under the same roof to take the drama to another level. The show that started with 14 housemates, after 55 days, few evictions and wild card enetries will be packed with 14 housemates once again. 

Not only this, the bigger surprise is that the merger will not be less than an adventure in itself. The 

contestants of both the house will be given five minutes to pack and move, creating a panic situation. 

Now the best part is that the Padosi housemates have been keeping a close eye on the other house's contestants and the latter have been absolutely clueless about their neighbours,so in this situation,the high voltage drama we are waiting to see 

what happens when

  • Aashka meets Delnaaz and Urvashi
  • Sapna reunites with Nirahua
  • Sana meets her sister and support, Aashka
  • Aashka bumps into Imama again and 
  • The ladies meet the flirt of the padosi house Santosh
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