Tina Dutta is amazing: Vividha aka Ambika
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It was like a dream come true for Vividha Kirti when she got selected to play the negative role of Ambika in Uttaran. Vividha used to watch the show everyday and loved Tina Dutta, Ayub khan and Rashmi Desai and soon she found herself with all of them. It was an amazing turn in her life though she says that she is exactly opposite to Ambika in real life. Let’s find out from her how it is to play a wicked woman in the show.

How does it feel to play a negative role? Did you do any preparations for it?

Initially I was tensed because I am not at all like Ambika in real life. I am very simple, introvert and happy in my own world not wanting to get into anyone else’s life. But slowly I started to like the challenge of playing something which I am not. I have a lot of fun now. It’s my first negative role and I have realized that being a negative character gives you a lot of scope of performance.

What are the reactions you are getting for you role?

I am getting good responses. People love my character and they write messages to me on my facebook profile. So it’s been quite encouraging.

How different is Vividha from Ambika?

Very different. I am a family oriented girl. I never hate anyone or get jealous. I like sharing and spreading love. I love togetherness, peace and being happy. Ambika is exactly opposite. We both are poles apart.

How does it feel to be a part of such an iconic show?

I feel blessed working in the show and specially working with so many talented and seasoned actors; I have always been a fan of this show. I use to watch it and use to love Ayub Khan and other actors. And when I got this opportunity to work with them I was on top of the world and elated.

Tell us something about your off screen chemistry with Meethi aka Tina. Are you all cordial, friends or none of it?

We are very good friends. Tina is an amazing person. She takes care of me like a sister. We have become very close and in fact we share lot of personal stories also. I find it very difficult to do a hate scene or a wicked scene with her because I can’t be rude or bad with her and I end up smiling. She is superb.

What are the five factors according to you responsible for success of Uttaran?

First is definitely Tina. She has been the pillar of the show since the beginning. Then I think its Rashmi Desai, people like her a lot. Third are the makers of the show, it’s such a brilliant creative team, fourth would be the whole star cast and the fifth is me (laughs)

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