Time for some mean and personal statements?
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How much can you trust someone? And even if you can, how much can you validate that as well? The BB fire brigade task helped contenders understand where each one of them stand, and mainly who is important for whom. Continuing from yesterday, today, Dipika, Deepak, and Surbhi were given a task to hear what everyone has to say about them. They, along with everybody else, were also given a chance to even speak their minds out. The person on the receiving end was asked to hold his emotions and not break down. With one blame after another, how do you think these go down with them?


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Going forward, Sree was seen baking a birthday cake for his wife. On getting slightly emotional, Deepak and Romil tried to lighten the mood by just making every day someone’s birthday. To stay updated with all the fun and drama, tune in to Appy Fizz presents Bigg Boss 12 powered by Oppo F9 Pro every day at 9 pm only on COLORS to know more. 


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