Time for another task!

Time for another task!

Task after task, the contestants have been striving to make their mark and secure their position in the house even after the first finale. Yesterday, after the rose task and the interview showcase by Shefali Bagga, the housemates did have an exhausting day! Today, they will wake up to ‘Main Nagin’ and try and decode the meaning behind it. Sidharth and Shehnaz try and lighten the mood by teasing each other and putting lipstick on his face.


Today, Bigg Boss will introduce a ‘Snakes and Ladder’ task. From yesterday’s task, Aarti and Asim have been saved, however, there is a twist to this. Through this task, nominated contestants will get an opportunity to swap their place with one of the safe contestants. The garden area is converted into a live game board. Each contestant is given a plank of wood symbolizing the ladder with their face on it. Asim and Aarti get a plank with a snake’s body on it. A board with numbering till 50 is placed on the center court. Once the buzzer rings, housemates have to start building a ladder on the outline they've been given, with clay. Once the dice roll sound is heard, the contestant whose ladder is the tallest gets a chance to roll the dice and move their pawn ahead on the board. This, of course, is followed by a lot of drama and chaos where conversations turn ugly, contestants are seen getting aggressive and what not! Is this race getting the bad side of every contestant out? Who finally moves to the safe zone?




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