Three words, eight letters! Has Jai said it out loud finally?
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Brace yourselves as this week is all about embracing love with open arms. Aadhya takes an unwell Jai to the hospital. Shubhankar, on the other hand, beats Jai in frustration due to this love story scandal he’s got Aadhya into. Roopa, who is very angry now sends goons to break Shubhankar’s neck as revenge. While the goons are working as per their orders, Jai comes in between to save Shubhankar. What does this lead to?






Amidst all this chaos, Aadhya hurts herself while stopping Jai. Seeing this, Jai’s anger intensifies. Jai gets concerned for Aadhya but she asks him to leave. By now Jai is frustrated and emotionally broken. After going home, Dada comes to him and asks him to fight for his love. Jai decides to wait for Aadhya in the same garden where they have many good memories. By now, Delhi’s weather turns bad due to continuous rains. Thinking about Jai and his wellbeing, Aadhya panics about him and finally runs to meet him. With moments building up for each other, Jai finally confesses his love to Aadhya! The duo are seen are living each and every moment with, but their parents don’t seem to be very happy with this development. In anger, Shubhankar consumes a lot of alcohol while Roop pops a lot of sleeping pills. Jai and Aadhya are shocked when they come to know about this! How will they handle this situation?






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