Three times Vidya Balan’s gestures proved that she is a true Humanitarian!
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She was game to give up her rather comfortable life for a day to support Manju

Award winning actor Vidya Balan stepped away from the comforts of her life in Mumbai to raise funds for Manju’s only desire in life. Leveraging her star power for Manju’s welfare, Vidya turnned into a porter for the entire day and earned funds which were multiplied by 100 and presented to Manju, aiding her dreams for her family.


She confessed that celebrities live in their own shell and she was happy to step out

Nervous yet determined to bring about change in Manju’s life, Vidya Balan realized that celebrities, sometimes forget about the hardships that people face and the struggles they undergo to make ends meet. Stepping into Manju’s shoes was an eye-opening and humbling experience for her. Vidya experienced the difficulties women like Manju face, especially in a job which is completely dominated by men.


She encourages women empowerment

For Manju, Vidya has been nothing short of a messiah who has helped bring some stability to her struggle-filled life. We cannot help but wonder how much money she has raised to make Manju’s seemingly ordinary life, into an extraordinary one?! Vidya went on to say, “Apne andar ki shakti ko smajhna aur zindagi apne sharton pe jeena Naari Shakti hai!

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