Three things that we can expect from the ‘all new’ Chakor
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  • February 16, 2016
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Udann which has undergone a 10 year leap, will witness Chakor in all new avatar. Here are three things that we can expect from the all grown up Chakor in Udann.

Justice: A ‘bandhua’ herself, there is no one who understands the social evil of bonded labor like Chakor. After staying away from family for 10 years, we hope that after her return to Azaadgunj, she will once and for all put this social disparity to an end and put away the people responsible for it behind bars.

Determination: Even when she was a child, she stood up against injustice and her return to Azaadgunj will prove that it’s not the circumstances that define a person but every person has the choice to carve out their own circumstances. Chakor who has come a long way from her old life is seen participating in marathons and winning prizes and her current life will be a great example for her family and friends in Azaadgunj.

Courage: She has never been scared of Bhaiyaji and will be seen standing against him once again. Her statement against Bhaiyaji and bonded labor will stop him from taking an oath in public.

Don’t forget to watch the all new Udann, Monday to Friday, 8:30PM.

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