Three things that prove Sonu Nigam has a big heart!
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Despite living in the 21st century, the misconception that surrounds the life threatening disease HIV AIDS is so persistent throughout the country that the people suffering from it, are meted out with wrongful treatment instead of being provided with the love and care that they so dearly need at a time like this.

It’s high time that this subject is tackled head on and awareness regarding this matter is spread across so that the stigma around it is put to an end once and for all.

On this week of Mission Sapne 2, catch Sonu Nigam turn into a puja samagiri seller in Pune in order to raise money for Raju and his family and spread awareness about HIV AIDS. Here are three gestures of Sonu Nigam that prove that he is a true humanitarian.


Sonu left the comforts of his home in Mumbai to go to Pune and work as a puja samagiri seller outside Omkareshwar temple in order to raise funds to support Raju and his family. He sold puja items to all his customers throughout the day without a hint of hesitation and smiled throughout.


Sonu had a gala time interacting with his fans and posed for selfies and sang songs for them.



Sonu was seen saying that it was like he fulfilled his karmic obligation by helping Raju and his family out. He said he really enjoyed doing it and it was like passing his first exam.

Don't forget to catch Mission Sapne 2 Sunday, 11AM. 

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