Three things that prove Manish Paul is a true humanitarian
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Honesty is very difficult to come by, and this week on Mission Sapne 2, we are going to meet one such person. In a day and age, when honesty has become a rare commodity, Vasant Raut, a simple auto rickshaw driver sets an example of how despite living through great adversities, one can learn to be simple and honest. Vasant who found a bag full of money in his auto last year, instead of selfishly keeping it for himself decided to return it back to its rightful owner. Hearing about such people fills our hearts with hope and to return this same joy is what Mission Sapne is all about. Helping Vasant Raut achieve his dreams this week will be none other than then very versatile Manish Paul. Here are three things that make Manish Paul a true humanitarian.



He didn’t once feel that it wasn’t his cup to act like an auto rickshaw driver for a day. He drove throughout the day, picking up passengers along the way and smilingly did his job. He did not have any starry attitude whatsoever and that’s what makes him a true humanitarian.



Being such a big celebrity, he joked around with all his passengers and even took selfies with them. One of the passengers even asked him to mimic Amitabh Bachchan and he did that happily. He even joked around with Vasant and made him feel at ease with himself.



Manish Paul is very down to earth and that came across when he was seen talking about how he has to learn from people like Vasant Raut. He was very comfortable speaking about his struggle in the industry and how he came to Mumbai to fulfill his dreams.

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