Three things that prove Jimmy Shergill is a true humanitarian
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  • January 31, 2016
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Sports in nothing less than a religion in our country. But, only if it is cricket. Unfortunately, other equally great sports including our national game hockey do not get the support and importance in our country that they deserve. There are several talented sportsmen and women who do not get their due. Neither financially, nor otherwise. Here's how Jimmy Shergill took upon himself to help bring some stability to one such boxing star, Rishu's struggle-filled life and proved that he is a true humanitarian.



He understood the pain of a dejected boxer and stood up for her. Leveraging his star power to ensure that business booms for Rishu’s welfare.



Stepping away from the comforts of his life in Mumbai to raise funds for Rishu’s well being, Jimmy turned into a Halwai for the entire day to earn funds which were then multiplied by 100 and presented to Rishu aiding her dreams for her family.



Although, being a non-dancer, Jimmy realized how his star power could help him earn more money than selling Jalebis. He did not hesitate in shaking a leg or clicking selfies with his fans, just to earn a few extra bucks that would mean a lot to Rishu.

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