Three things Suyyash revealed in his post-eviction interview!
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  • January 4, 2016
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The romeo boy of the house Suyyash was the second eviction this week. After sustaining in this game for 12 weeks, Suyyash was finally voted out. Here are 3 things he revealed in the post eviction interview.

‘Kishwer is mentally much stronger than Prince’

Suyyash stated that Prince being a young Punjabi boy often lost his temper and made decisions in the heat of the moment and that wasn't right. Kishwer on the other hand was much more stable and mentally stronger than Prince. Hmmm…We are glad to hear him voice out out his opinions in the open finally!

‘I will miss reading the letters and also the mic’

When asked what he would miss the most in the house, he replied by saying reading out the letters to the housemates and the microphone, as he had gotten really used to the two. We hoped that he would say Kishwer, but never mind that!

‘I want to thank the viewers for their support’ 

Suyyash mentioned that once in the 3rd or 4th week he had completely faltered and thought he would get evicted. But the viewers believed in him and brought him this far. ‘None of it would have been possible without their support’ said Suyyash. The audience knows it all…we bet your adorable chemistry with Kishwer is what kept everyone voting you week after week. 

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