Three gestures that prove Sonakshi is a very humble person
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  • March 4, 2016
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We often hide ourselves in the cocoons of self pity and ignore the travesties that bequeath the path of others around us. To be able to stand up for the rights of others takes courage and it’s often easier to take the route that requires blinding ourselves to reality. Crime has become a global phenomenon with stories of rape filling the pages of newspapers day after day. A crime as heinous as rape not only calls for punishment for the aggressors but also the need for society to accept and give the victims the courage to live life as equals and without shame. On this week of Mission Sapne, watch Sonakshi Sinha as she turns into a flower seller for a day to raise funds for the team at Red Brigade. Here are three things that prove that she has a heart of gold.


Sonakshi happily interacted with her fans and took selfies with them. She aggressively persuaded her fans to buy flowers from her in order to raise maximum funds in the shortest time possible.


When her father’s look-alike came to meet her, Sonakshi was seen cracking jokes and interacting with him in a very polite manner. She even went onto joke on how he was way shorter than her dad, Shatrugan Sinha.


Like an obedient student, Sonakshi learnt few self defense techniques from Usha. All through the demonstration, she was seen cracking jokes and laughing with the team.

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