Three gestures of Sania Mirza that prove that she is a true humanitarian!
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Life can be really cruel for some! Despite being in the 21st century, acid attacks on women across India have only grown over the years. Not only do these attacks leave external injuries on victims but also internal scars like low morale that are even more difficult to heal. Acid victims shouldn’t be chastised but encouraged to live life to the fullest and it’s the duty of each citizen to give them the support and courage that they need. One such story is of Sonia whose entire face was disfigured when her neighbor out of sheer revenge thought to take her identity away. She dreams to become a famous beautician someday and helping her in the endeavor is the ace tennis star, Sania Mirza. Here’s a look at some of the things Sania did to lend her the support.


Such issues need an internal audience and who else to better address this issue than Sania Mirza. Sania spoke about the need of public figures to understand the plight of the survivors and take the responsibility and combat this issue head on. Well Said!


She is as busy as anyone could ever get or maybe even a tad bit busier than that. In spite of the hectic schedule Sania took out the time to raise funds for Sonia’s venture. She turned beautician for one day and helped raise funds for Sonia.


Sania contributed to Sonia’s cause by raising a sum total of Rs. 5850 and then multiplied it by 100. Apart from the earnings, Sania also contributed Rs.1 lakh from her end.

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