This week ‘Devanshi’ will try hard to relieve her loved ones from nefarious beings.
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This week on Devanshi we will see how history will repeat itself when Kusum Sundri would try once again to mould Kalki into choti maa. On the other hand Devanshi will have her own plans, she would try finding a tuition teacher for Kalki so that she could study and get admission into a school.




Devanshi would also realize that Pawan has gone missing and it’s none other than Maya who is behind all of this. She will decide to find him anyhow. She will soon realize that Kusum Sundri cunningly plants Vardan in place of the tuition teacher for Kalki, so that she can learn all the wrong things. Devanshi would feel severe agitation because of this.




In the meanwhile Maya would reach Pawan before Devanshi, this way she would prove the villagers that Kalki definitely does black magic and it is only because of that that she could help finding her brother ‘Pawan’. Kusum Sundri would continue tricking Kalki in order to enhance her skills in the wrong doings, but simultaneously Devanshi and Pawan would plan to counter all her efforts taking help from unlikely resources as well.




During the week we will also see how Maya would try blackmailing Devanshi saying that Mohan is Kalki’s father and if she doesn’t back off she would misuse the information to defame the child in the eyes of villagers. Fearing Kalki’s welfare Devanshi will be seen in dilemma as she must get Kalki and Nutan out of Maya’s magical influence in the given time or else there would be a rise Kukarmi devi.




How will Devanshi and Pawan help the people of Jwalapuri before this mishap occurs?

To know, tune into ‘Devanshi’ Mon-Fri at  7 PM!

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