This seems like the busiest morning ever in Bigg Boss!
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  • December 10, 2014
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Guest list and invitation checked! Now was the time to organize the House to welcome their ‘Mehmaan’ and do some good ‘Mehmaan nawaazi’. But looked like  the time crunch was not challenging enough,  so Bigg Boss added some what he calls some fun elements. Well, not for the housemates who had some un-invited guests during the wee hours. And the surprise guests were Mr & Mrs ‘Rats’ and Family! Yes, so those were the unwanted trouble making creatures making the task more difficult for the Housemates, who left their marks in the house before leaving; excreta everywhere! *Stinks*


Housemates immediately  complained to Big Boss about the concern that it could contaminate the food. But, that dud not deter their spirit and both the teams discussed about their POA!  


I had a chance to look at the guest’ list and I am more anxious than excited to anticipate what will happen!




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