This lady on Savitri Devi College & Hospital is trying to create a rift between Veer and Sanchi.
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On Savitri Devi College & Hospital a girl named Aayesha tries to create a lot of disturbance in Veer and Sanchi’s relationship. She keeps on giving new challenges to Sanchi in order to prove that she is superior to her in every way. However Veer remains unwavered by Aayesha’s activities. He always supports Sanchi during the need.





Veer in fact wants Sanchi back in his life the same way the two were before but Sanchi refuses.



During one of the moments when Veer and Sanchi are really close to each other, Sanchi comes to know that Kabeer is in danger, she rushes immediately to see him and there comes Aayesha, who tries to add fuel at that very moment. Aayesha tries to create a misunderstanding between Veer and Sanchi, by talking against them. Veer starts feeling angry.






Aayesha tries to provoke Veer further by saying that everyone in college is making fun of him and Sanchi.



More this week do watch how Sanchi chooses to wear the outfit given by Kabeer and not Veer for a photo shoot. Aayesha puts an itching powder in the dress to ruin Sanchi’s photo shoot.   





What will happen after that?





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