This is what makes Ashish the top contender in Jhalak 7
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  • August 19, 2014
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The magic of our angry young man Ashish Sharma is such that now we all dance to his Jhalak tunes. Colors’ shy and sober Ashish has become a heartthrob of the show. If you are watching his performances on Jhalak, you wouldn’t agree more with us. Here are some of his best moves from the show that define his versatility as a growing dancer:


#1 Freestyle: His freestyle performance with choreographer Bhavna was one of the most sizzling performance of Jhalak season 7.


#2 Classical: For a non-dancer like Ashish, to perform a classical act that too on a peppy song like ‘Pungi would be called difficult! But for this dedicated dude everything is possible and that too nothing short of best!


#3 Tapori: Ashish is known to be shy and introvert, but when he steps on the dancing stage he can surprise us with his full-on tapori avatar.


#4 Contemporary: From lifts to expressions, we are compelled to call him a master performer.


#5 Drunk Jazz: What is it that this man can not do? He can be scary too! Remember his Party all night performance?

Ashish, you totally deserve the applause you are getting. We wish you all the best for your upcoming performances.

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