This Captain a Trend Setter!
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  • November 15, 2014
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It was an early morning, and what I saw surprised me! The new Captain sweeping the garden area!! The sight made me hum “Yeh kya hua,kaise hua,kyun hua??”Not took me too long to recollect how the people backed out a day back while Gautam was assigning duties to the house mates.Feels like if this is the way housemates are going to continue with him then Gautam would certainly end up facing lots of challenges in his captainship during the week.Long way to go Gauti! Gautam diligently did his job from sweeping the garden to cleaning the washrooms! While the rest loitered around carelessly.This act of Gautam certainly impressed me, how he took up everything on his shoulders when nobody else was there, when he should have chilled and relaxed! Keep it up captain! Long way to go!


In fact it was sweet to see kind-hearted Puneet like a true companion helping out Gautam being most elderly in the house, leaving aside all the egos. Puneet it’s wonderful to see the gesture man! After all this is what it means by ‘Standing during 'thick and thin’. Right? And my question is to Praneet, didn't you once say the Captain should lead by example and taunted Gautam over this? Don't you feel like eating your words now? Teehee!


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