Things You Need To Know About ‘Shankar Mahadevan’
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Shankar Mahadevan is very well known composer and playback singer from the Indian music industry. He has been trained in both Indian classical and Carnatic music since a very young age.

He is known to be one of the best versatile musicians in the industry. His success led him winning no. of awards, especially at the national level.

He is popularly known as the ‘Breathless’ singer!

Shankar Mahadevan would be one of the experts on the upcoming show, Rising Star.

You would love know some interesting facts about his life –

1. Shankar worked as a software programmer in a company, before he took up music as a full-fledged career.


2.He shot to fame after his music album called ‘Breathless’ was released in 1998. He sang the title track in one breath, which was stupendous!


3.Mahadevan’s wife says he is an amazing cook! If not a singer he would have surely been a chef.


4.Shankar Mahadevan has won four national awards so far.


5.He has done  Jugalbandi with Ustad Rashid Khan, the doyen of Hindustani classical music, in Raag Yaman


6.Shankar Mahadevan was invited by UNESCO and the US state department to perform at UN General Assembly hall on 30th April 2012 for the finale of International Jazz festival.

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