Things turn sour between Vikas and Hina, watch everything in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11!
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It all started after Bigg Boss made an announcement that Hina and Puneesh will have to fight against each other in captaincy task in order to become the first captain of the house. The announcement happened when all the housemates were present in the living area. Post thing Sshivani told Hina that the latter never informed that she was giving her name as a nominee for captaincy, other housemates present out there agreed with Sshivani.





Hina in her defense said she didn’t know the name was being taken for captaincy also added saying that she would purposely lose the task as she is least interested to become the house captain.  Hina also said the housemates are free to replace her name, to which Vikas said this wouldn’t be possible at the last moment. Hina trying to ignore Vikas said she wasn’t interested in talking to Vikas, which made the latter snap back at her. Vikas said she is a hypocrite as she keeps changing her stance as per the situation. Hina responded saying she had a misunderstanding about the name being given for captaincy and that she wasn’t aware if this was for the same.





Hina also stated how she supported the man last whole week and today he is calling her a ‘hypocrite.’ Arshi, to add some more fuel told Hina that she was wrong on her part for not informing anybody about this. Hina was then heard telling Bigg Boss that Arshi wasn’t happy with the decision.





What will eventually happen? Is Hina going to take her name back after all of this?





Watch tonight!





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