These moments are a proof of Bihaan’s growing commitment towards Thapki
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Isn’t it amazing how we never realize the importance of the people around us till something prompts us to take notice of them. When initially Bihaan married Thapki, he had no feelings for her but over the course of time he grew affectionate towards her. Thapki, on the other hand has always been very supportive and considerate towards Bihaan being his wife and kept the welfare of his family at the forefront. It’s strange how this couple who were not even supposed to be together have set off on a journey to spend their entire life together. Vasundhara and Shraddha, both of whom hate Thapki, have always worked together to besmirch Thapki's reputation, and turned the family against her. However, off late Bihaan has been seen acting like a pillar in her life saving her from all the dangers that keep coming her way.


There are many instances in the past that reflect Bihaan’s growing commitment towards Thapki and given below are just a few of them from the show.



Bihaan covers Thapki’s torn dress- Shraddha who is always eager to insult Thapki in front of the entire Pandey family planned another evil trick for Thapki. Shraddha tore Thapki’s clothes and Thapki without noticing it, wore them for the Diwali puja only to be saved at the last moment by Bihaan who noticed it and covered her up in time. Aww! The ability of Bihaan to jump in and cover for his love is what makes Bihaan, a truly perfect husband.



Bihaan fights the goons- True love can make you do incredible things; even if it means sacrificing oneself for the sake of the other. While on their way back from dinner, when Thapki got teased by some street side goons, Bihaan stood up against the mobsters and fought with all his might. And while doing so, Bihaan got shot which landed him in the hospital. Bihaan’s commitment for Thapki and the urge to take a stance for her is what makes their bond so special. No matter whether the problem is big or small, Bihaan has always stood by Thapki’s side.


The ‘Teddy’ bear incident – On Valentine's day, when Shraddha threw a party for Dhruv in which Bihaan and Thapki were also invited, Vasundhra and Shraddha tried making fun of Thapki by asking her to dress up as a teddy bear and come to the party. Initially, the plan did seem to work but Bihaan turned up in the party dressed like a Teddy bear and entertained the guests thus foiling Sharddha and Vasundhara’s evil plans. A! That’s so cute!


Thapki and Bihaan earn a living – We have seen how Thapki and Bihaan’s relationship has changed over a period of time; from being mortal enemies to friends and now to lovers. Thapki who was asked to work as a servant in Pandey Nivas was seen trying to get some tailoring work done to earn some money to run the house. Watching Thapki work so hard to earn money, Bihaan too decided to do something to help her out. Bihaan took up the job of a fighter/wrestler and got brutally beaten up by a much stronger man and just when he saw Thapki in danger, he swooped in like a superhero, beat his opponent up and won the match. Wow, kudos to Bihaan!!


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