These events in the Bigg Boss house caught everyone’s attention in the first week!
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Did you miss watching Bigg Boss 11 last week? Well, do not worry; we bring you some of the major events that happened in the launch week.


With fourteen contestants in the main house including celebs and commoners, there were four padosis/neighbors too who entered the other house made specifically made for the neighbors.


Starting with the major fight between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta who worked together on the same project in past, the duo had a major fight in front of Salman Khan on the launch day itself because of the bitter past they share.





Same night as all the housemates finally entered the house and were chit chatting, Zubair Khan shared a joke which many housemates found cheap and inappropriate to be mentioned especially having the ladies around. Puneesh got into a scuffle with Zubair on this and the latter threatened everyone not to mess with him.





As the days progressed we saw Benafsha and Jyoti getting into a fight during the nominations as the former claimed that Jyoti doesn’t have basic etiquettes of saying thank you and sorry and that she only tried to make her learn that to which Jyoti said she would not listen to whatever Benafsha says and will remain as she is.





Vikas and Shilpa went on with their fights on a daily basis, in the meanwhile Zubair got abusive with Bandgi and Arshi at couple of occasions. Hina tried making Zubair understand about his mistakes all this while.





Apart from the fights that happened in the Bigg Boss house, the housemates also enjoyed doing their very first luxury budget task in the BB farm which included different species such as – donkey (that Akash named as Jack), fishes, hens, goat, dog, parrot etc.





Incidentally Hina and Benafsha also celebrated their birthday during the first week in the Bigg Boss house.


Shilpa kept teasing Vikas off and on and this made things uglier between the duo. Hina also tried to make Shilpa understand.





Another highlight was the fight between Akash and Vikas wherein Priyank jumped in between to support Vikas. During weekend ka vaar Salman Khan took a proper class of Zubair, Hina and Hiten. In fact he asked Priyank to leave the house immediately because of him getting into Vikas and Akash’s fight. Zubair Khan got out of the house because of his ill health the same night.





To make the atmosphere light, last weekend the entire team of ‘Golmaal Again’ came to visit the Bigg Boss housemates and also had fun on stage with Salman Khan!





Stay tuned, as the beginning of this week has been thunderous too, we are yet to see what all things happen by the time its weekend again!





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