These emotional moments will keep you glued to Bigg Boss 11 tonight!
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We all loved last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 11, however we wished the housemates could get some more time to be with their loved ones.


The same will continue even tonight when we will get to see the remaining housemates meet their families and partners!


These are the ones visiting the Bigg Boss house tonight –



Hiten’s wife – Hiten’s eyes turn red the moment he sees Gauri walking in. Gauri  hugs Hiten and tells him how wonderfully he has been playing the game till now. She encourages him and says how much she and their children love him. Interestingly, Gauri has certain advices and comments for each housemate. Especially what she says to Arshi is something to watch out for! Hiten remains a statue throughout until Gauri leaves the house. Wouldn’t he get to talk to her?





Hina’s beau – Hina breaks down seeing Rocky in the Bigg Boss house! She cries throughout and asks him to take her along. Rocky pacifies her and appreciates the way she is handling herself in the house. He even puts a ring on her finger. Is that a proposal for marriage?





Luv’s father – It gets difficult for Luv to control his emotions after he suddenly sees his father in the house! His father warmly embraces everyone one by one.  Mr. Tyagi says how proud he is of him, we are sure nothing makes Luv happier than knowing this!





Akash’s mother – Akash just becomes a little kid finding his mother right in front of him and tells everyone “That’s my mother!” As others still remain statues Bigg Boss asks Akash to release for a few seconds.  When others are released too they all come and give his mother group hug. Akash lovingly asks his mom to slap him and she does! How sweet is that!





Vikas’ mother – It becomes a pleasant surprise for Vikas to hear his mother’s voice calling him by his nickname and Vikas runs towards her after this! But Bigg Boss just then asks everyone to freeze. Vikas’s mother gets too emotional to see her son after so long and Vikas tries to remain patient without moving even slightest all this while. Later they have a heart-warming conversation, and his mother meets everyone else in the house. Everyone feels quite overwhelmed at this reunion.






Be ready to go on yet another emotional ride tonight!

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