These COLORS define our favorite on-screen characters.
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The festival of colors, HOLI is celebrated with much fervor in our country.


Our favorite television celebrities shared with us the colors that define their on-screen characters.


This is what they said –



Ahaan & Pankti –





Ahaan – Colors Orange and Red define me. Orange because it signifies aggression and Red because it is the universal color of love. 


Pankti – Pankti would be described by two colors, Red and White, as she is full of love and is also a peace loving person. Red signifies love and White stands for peace.



Veer & Sanchi –  Veer and Sanchi are deeply in love, so Pink, the color of love currently defines our characters.






Sooraj & Chakor –






Sooraj – Sooraj would relate himself with VIBGYOR, as he has the qualities of all the seven colors in him.


Chakor – Chakor is a firm believer of peace and justice so white color defines her character.




Parth & Teni –





Parth – Since Parth believes in love, Red is the color that would define him.


Teni – Saffron color would define Teni because she became a 'Jogan' for Parth on the show and the 'Jogis' often wear saffron colored outfits.



Yuvraj & Anushka –






Anushka – Red is the color of love and revenge that defines Anushka.


Yuvraj – He is very pure from the heart, so the color for Yuvraj would be White.



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