There’s a surprise for Param!
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  • December 10, 2019
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Tonight, on Choti Sarrdaarni, post the court case chaos, Meher and Sarab tell Param about how they’re giving him a little baby brother or sister. They are also happy about their plan working out. After informing Param, they also ask him to keep this information to himself. Later, Param is about to reveal the secret of Meher being pregnant in front of Dolly, however, Sarab comes there and interrupts. Will Dolly read between the lines? Kulwant Kaur warns Rana to never speak about her email for Yuvi’s admission. Yuvi, on the other hand, shows off his new uniform and school accessories in front of the family. Kulwant Kaur is happy to see Yuvi happy.

The next day, Kulwant and family have come to Sarab’s house to celebrate Yuvi’s admission in Param’s school. At first, Kulwant is hesitant to enter Sarab’s house after blaming him for Meher’s murder. Sarab has forgiven her but Harleen and Dolly are still upset with her. Sarab welcomes them into the house. Jagga and Amrita inform Meher that Yuvi has gotten in through merit. Kulwant breathes a sigh of relief.


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