The villagers turn against Saumya!
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  • July 12, 2019
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This week on Shakti, just when the Panchayat is about to rule the decision in Saumya’s favour, Varun announces that Saumya is a kinnar. On learning this, the villagers instantly turn against Saumya and Harman. Harak and family are attacked too. Realizing that Sohum is alone in the house, Harman and Saumya run to protect him. The villagers are now agitated and have come up with demands. What could these demands be?




With so much chaos, Saumya and Harman are worried about Sohum’s safety. Going forward, we see someone entering the house to help Harman and Saumya escape. Who could this be? Will Harman and Saumya be able to protect Sohum?


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