The ultimate tale if revenge and vengeance, indeed!
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  • June 7, 2019
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Tonight, on Naagin 3, Shravani asks Shivangi about her return to which she says she’s back to save her. On asking about where she was all this, Shivangi tells her that she was in the lap of Shivji. Just then, Yamini arrives outside the temple with a few bags full of money. Mahir stumbles upon some magical books and reads something and Vish joins him. She reads something that shocks her and ends up crumbling all the pages. What could this information be? Vish also plays a trick and gives a small knife to Shravani and shows her the torn page. What does this lead to? Going forward, Shesha tells Shivangi that she will never get to know about her father and husband. Mihir, who is walking through the dungeon accidentally presses a hidden button & sees something shocking.

Shesha laughs at Shivangi which eventually leads to a fight between the two. Going forward, Mihir comes there with Ritik and Rocky. What happens next? To watch the story unfold, tune in to the finale of Naagin 3 tomorrow at 7 pm without fail!

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