The ultimate power ladies of Colors!
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Time and again, it has been proved that women are the strongest beings under the sky. They’re full of vigour, highly ambitious and strong enough to deal with any situation. At Colors, we always strive to show women characters who up their quotient show after show and inspire us more than ever. Not only that, from strong characters traits to possessing an emotional side, these women at Colors are superheroes today, tomorrow and forever!

Here’s just the list that keeps us going always!


#1 Chakor – She’s someone who is synonymous to courage and never backs down to reach out to an individual who is in dire need of help!





#2 Manikarnika – The epitome of strength and bravery, Manikarnika is one woman who possessed a personality like none other! Till today, she is not only remembered as India’s most powerful fighters but has also become a role model for many!




#3 Dhanak – She’s fiercely protective about her loved ones but at the same time, the IPS in her strives to make the place a better one to live. Watch many of her shades unfold soon!





#4 Saumya – Who better than her to represent womanhood? She is known to stand up for her core people, thoughtful of their happiness and accepting, both the good and the bad times with utmost dignity! She is also on a mission to bring about a change.





#5 Ishika – From disliking Roop, being his friend to now his soulmate, Ishika certainly presents the journey of every woman who grows to be this admirable soul who is so full love and concern for her people.





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