The truth behind Tanuja’s pregnancy revealed on Kasam!
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Hell broke loose on Kasam when Rishi and other family members got to know about Tanuja’s pregnancy reports. She was accused of cheating them and Rishi asked her for a divorce. This week, a big twist awaits us on the show as the truth is revealed.


Enter ‘Smiley’




Smiley is the niece of Rishi and she has returned home from hostel where a surprise awaits her. Her family has decided to get her married and also chosen a suitable groom for her, Aryan. After the ‘Kundalis’ are matched Smiley and Aryan speak with each other and agree for marriage.


Tanuja confronts Smiley




A shocked Tanuja asks Smiley that how she could agree to marry Aryan when she is carrying someone else’s child. The pregnancy reports are actually Smiley’s and not of Tanuja. Smiley clarifies that her boyfriend has ditched her and she has little choice. The Roka ceremony is performed with much pomp.


Rishi gets upset with Tanuja




On the other hand Rishi is upset with Tanuja for observing the Karva Chauth fast. Rishi doesn’t break Tanuja’s fast when she faints and Rishi finally gives her water, thus, actually breaking her fast.


Tanuja is close to exposing Mallaika’s real face




Tanuja hears Mallaika talk over the phone with Shekhar and follows her. But Mallaika misguides her.


Rishi meets with an accident




On the other hand, Rishi is heartbroken and meets with an accident. Tanuja rushes to the hospital and coincidentally, donates blood to him. Rishi gains consciousness and refuses to take help from Tanuja. She is hurt by Rishi’s behavior.


Will Rishi get to know that Tanuja is not pregnant? How will Tanuja help Smiley further? Will Tanuja be able to expose Mallaika?

Stay tuned to Kasam, Mon- Fri at 10.00PM to watch the drama unfold!

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