The thrilling last hour! 24 Finale Episode Synopsis
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At the port, Veer has managed to escape from Raja’s men and is still being chased across the dockyard. Meanwhile Raja and Ravindran are both worried about Aditya Singhania being alive and Ravindran calls another assassin, Mathur and assigns him to kill Aditya as this would be the final opportunity to kill the to be Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Prithvi returns to the hotel and hugs Aditya seeming happy that he’s alive; he asks Bhagwat why the charade and Aditya gives him the lowdown on Jai’s situation. Aditya also questions him regarding the resignation letter he has received on Prithvi’s behalf, to which Prithvi justifies that this is his ultimate proof of loyalty, the fact that he doesn’t lust for government position. Aditya tears up the resignation letter and assures Prithvi that he trusts him a 100 percent.

Jai rushes towards Ravindran’s hideout when he gets a call from Ravindran who tells him that he hasn’t kept his end of the deal. Jai acts clueless. Ravindran tells Jai that he knows that Aditya is still alive so he will have to pay for this lie with his son’s life. Jai is shocked as he realizes that not only is he going to lose his son but someone on the inside is still leaking information to Ravindran. As Jai is rushing to Ravindran’s hideout, Ravindran calls Jai, tells him he has run out of patience and fires a bullet. Jai parks his car, gets out and collapses in grief near the warehouse thinking that Veer is dead

Back at the hideout, Veer ambushes one of Ravindran’s men and grabs his phone. He then calls Nikita to tell her that he’s safe and that Jai should not come to the hideout, as it’s a trap he will never be able to get out of. Jai on the other hand is blinded by rage and decides to take revenge,he then leaves his phone on the ground and like a man possessed gets into his jeep to make a final charge at Ravindran and his men. Just as he drives off, his phone rings- it’s Nikita but the call goes unanswered. At the ATU Nikita updates Gill, tells him that not only is Veer alive but Aditya is safe too. A concerned Gill asks her to go to the Singhania hotel.

At the hotel, Prithvi and Aditya are in deep conversation when an intern alerts them to watch the news. On TV, Anisha Roy reports that she has just received confirmed news from within the Singhania camp that Aditya Singhania is alive and well. Aditya is furious and rushes to his mother’s room. He tells her that this time she has crossed all limits and that she has directly endangered the life of Jai’s son. Aditya asks Naina to retire but Naina warns him in return never to think for her retirement.

At the hideout, Jai smashes in jeep into the godown and guns down all the LTFE terrorists, and injures Raja. He then asks Raja where Ravindran is but when he refuses to respond, kills him. Jai then smashes his car against Ravindran’s and pumped all his bullets into him. An exhausted Jai then collapses to the ground and beings weeping when he hears Veer’s voice. Startled he turns around to find Veer alive. As father and son reunite, Ravindran’s phone buzzes. Jai picks it up and notices that there is a new SMS on the phone. From the message it becomes obvious that this is the person inside Aditya’s camp who is in cahoots with the LTFE. Jai then decides to head to the Singhania hotel to smoke out the one person within the Singhania camp who has been hands-in-glove with the LTFE from the very beginning. Veer is shocked by this decision as he feels that they should both head to the hospital to be by Trisha’s side and handover the mission to the ATU. But Jai once again chooses his duty over his family much to Veer’s chagrin.

At the hotel, Mathur sneaks in and makes his way to a vantage point from where he can take a clean shot at Aditya. Prithvi oversees all arrangements for a final press conference, as it is imperative for the country to hear first hand from Aditya that he is alive as well as give the justification for why he faked his own death. Nikita connects with Bhagwat to ensure that security is watertight.

On his way Jai calls Nikita and tells her about the SMS which says that another attempt is going to be made on the life of Aditya Singhnia and both of them agree that since Vikrant is in hospital it has to be someone else from the family. Jai gives Nikita the phone number from which Ravindra got the SMS. Nikita gives the phone number to Mihir to figure out the details of the caller.

As the press conference is about to begin Jai arrives and Nikita tells him that Mihir has found out that the phone number that had sent the SMS to Ravindran’s phone is of a person called Nilesh Vaidya, who was an ex press secretary for Naina Singhania. She also tells him that Nilesh Vaidya has died and the phone is now being used by someone else. The SMS had definitely been sent from inside the hotel.

Nikita and Jai head inside the hotel to check the security and stop any assassination attempt on Aditya. The hotel security is very strong and has been checked for bomb etc. hence Jai doubts that any assassin would not dare to come in the main press area and realizes that the assassin must be a sniper.

As Jai and Nikita start running up the stairs the assassin who has taken place of an actual sniper fixes his target on Aditya Singhania, who has now arrived on the stage. Jai at the end moment manges to get to the assassin and finish him off and after saving Aditya, Jai puts into motion his final play to nab the ultimate mastermind behind the day’s conspiracy.

Jai sends an SMS from Ravindran’s phone to the mastermind to get off the stage because there is going to be a blast, and to his surprise Divya walks off the stage. Jai meets Aditya after the press conference and tells him about killing off the final assassin. When Jai makes the big reveal about Divya being the mastermind, Aditya flies into a rage. Jai proves his point by calling Divya from Ravindran’s phone and handing over the phone to Aditya. 

Aditya hears Divya demanding to know from Ravindran why Aditya is alive, and forces Divya to reveal how she had planned to get rid of Aditya as she felt that she deserved to be the Prime Minister instead of him. 

After venting out all her poison against Aditya, Divya is escorted to ATU by Nikita, and Jai leaves with his team. He speaks to Kiran on the way to the hospital and assures her that he will be there soon, but is distraught when he hears Trisha’s health deteriorating and her pulse flatlining.

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