The Story Of ‘Kasam’ To Take A Huge Leap Soon!
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  • June 6, 2017
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After lots of ups & downs in Rishi & Tanuja’s relationship, both having faced countless trials together to prove their love for each other and be together despite all odds stacked against them, there has finally come a moment which may be the most difficult and heart-breaking one yet in both Tanuja & Rishi’s life.



Tanuja witnesses something that changes the way she looks at Rishi and leaves her shattered. This leads to her making a shocking decision as she plans to leave the house. Tanuja confronts Rishi about it and tells her that she can’t believe he would stoop this low. Rishi does not know what she is talking about and gets furious. Tanuja continues to tell him how he broke her heart and breached her trust. The two get more confrontational and things don’t end too well as Tanuja takes off.



Rishi breaks down and falls on his knees as Tanuja feels deeply hurt inside, and she too breaks down as she departs. But that is not how things end for the couple. There is a glimmer of hope as Katyani’s voice reminds us how the both their destinies are linked and the two will never be happy without each other. True love always wins after all, doesn’t it?


But what does fate have in store for Rishi & Tanuja? How are things going to change post leap?



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