The story of Chandrakanta begins with the power of ‘Tilismi Khanjar’
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The story opens with the narrator talking about the super powers of the kingdom ‘Vijaygarh’ which is powerful in magic than any other kingdoms around. Queen Ratnaprabha, is shown as the backbone of the kingdom and worshiper of lord Vishu. Ratnaprabha was gifted with a ‘Tilismi Khanjar’ (magical dagger) that she had preserved safely for years.  She has a new born daughter; she wishes and prays for her to become well deserving owner of the dagger after 21 years. Ratnaprabha is shown as a believer of right and justice.  However, queen Iravati has her evil eyes on Vijaygarh. Just when there is a competition for one to win the ‘tilismi khanjar’ she arrives at the scene and competes with Vishakha, Rantnaprabha’s sister to win the dagger.





Iravati defeats Vishakha. But Ratnaprabha refuses to give her the khanjar as she knows Iravati would do no good for the people. Iravati also expresses a desire to get Ratnaprabha married to her son Veer but Ratnaprabha refuses. Iravati attacks on her kingdom, kills king Jai Singh (Ratnaprabha’s husband) in the war and then tries snatching away the khanjar from Ratnaprabha. The latter reaches the temple and prays lord Vishnu to keep the khanjar safe and not let it go in Iravati’s hand. Ratnaprabha also with a heavy heart gives away her daughter’s responsibility to Rimjhim (the pet dolphin) and asks her to take her to Suryagarh where she would be safe. Ratnaprabha eventually gets killed too.





Now the sole intent of Iravati is to find out Ratnaprabha’s daughter. In the meanwhile she also trains her step son, Veerendra to become extraordinarily powerful and well-skilled. She has distracted him with all the wrong habits. She even gave wrong medicines to her husband and got him paralyzed. But prince Veerendra is a good human at heart.






21 years later, the tilasmi khanjar reaches out to Chandrakanta. Prince Veerendra and Chandrakanta have several encounters, and the former realizes that the young girl isn’t ordinary. Although he gets mesmerized with her looks but knows he doesn’t have to get carried away. Aina keeps warning Iravati that Ratnaprabha’s daughter would be the reason for her death but Iravati doesn’t want to believe in it. She sends out Veer in search for the girl who could be a future threat.





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