The story of ‘Bepannaah’ gets more intriguing this week.
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The story of ‘Bepannaah’ gets more intriguing this week.


Aditya, lost in deep thoughts is about to hit Zoya by his car but saves her at the right moment. The two then get involved into a heated argument.





Zoya and Aditya are called at the police station for further investigation. In fact, a senior police officer is suspicious of Aditya’s involvement in Yash and Pooja’s accident as the cops find a picture in which Yash and Aditya are seen together in a group.






Further this week, Aditya breaks into Yash’s office and finds several paintings of Yash made by Pooja, this infuriates him further.  He reaches home and desperately searches for Pooja’s personal diary and gets utterly shocked to see the bank statements that show a huge amount of money transferred to Yash’s account.



The truth is slowly getting uncovered on ‘Bepannaah.’



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