The start of something new?
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This week on Gathbandhan, Raghu and Dhanak bump into each other which results in Dhanak’s phone breaking. Without noticing each other, Dhanak’s earring also gets stuck in Raghu’s shirt. In the hospital, Dhanak learns that Raghu has paid for her father’s treatment and tries to reach out to him. Raghu then meets Aslam and realizes that the earring is of the same girl he saw at the sangeet. Mahendra tells Dhanak that he was kidnapped by some goons. Raghu, on the other hand, is still thinking about Dhanak.


Later, Parag informs Dhanak that their house is getting sold in an auction as per court orders. Now’s when the Parekh family decides to move to Mumbai for Mahendra’s treatment. Raghu sees Dhanak at Mumbai railway station and realizes that she is Mahendra Parekh’s daughter. On seeing her, Raghu gets worried and starts thinking that Dhanak has seen his picture and will inform the cops about everything. Going forward, Dhanak enquires about Dashrath Chawl from the cops around. She is seen entering the chawl with her family and notices a couple of things. She tries to comfort her siblings who are finding it very difficult to stay at their Nani's house in the chawl. On settling in, Nani tells Dhanak to visit the Ganpati temple in the chawl where Raghu is already present. Both of them do parikrama without being aware of each other’s presence. Is this the start of something new? Find out on Gathbandhan from Monday to Friday at 9 pm.





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