The ‘Sankat’ bell rings again!

In the last two episodes, we see the housemates competing against each other for the captaincy task. However, they couldn’t reach a conclusion as both the teams accomplished the task seamlessly without losing.


Today in Bigg Boss we will see that choosing a captain becomes a major matter of concern in the house. Especially after Bigg Boss asks the contestants to choose a captain through mutual decision and they fail to do so, yet again. The contestants are seen getting infuriated at Pratik Sehajpal as he refuses to choose anyone other than himself to be the captain. Further on that, Karan Kundrra is seen losing his calm on Pratik, claiming that the task is being cancelled because of him. While standing his ground, Pratik replies saying that he won’t care about others unless they do the same for him. After multiple attempts, the contestants give up and ask Bigg Boss to make the decision for them. Annoyed with this indecisiveness, Bigg Boss gets furious and looks like a severe punishment awaits them.


Later, Bigg Boss mentions something so striking that it leaves all the contestants in a major state of shock. Meanwhile, we see the curtains raising on the other side and the contestants getting amazed by what is to come outside in the lawn area. What do you think will happen? Will this indecisiveness to choose a captain, become a reason for another big punishment?

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