The new task starts more fights between Celebs and Indiawale on Bigg Boss 10!
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  • October 21, 2016
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Indiawale cooked food on Day 4 and broke a rule. As a result the contestants have to take up another task and fight to win the Maalik position in Bigg Boss 10 house. But as expected, this won’t sit well with the contestants who are already feeling animosity towards each other. Needless to say, the Indiawale will try every trick up their sleeve to win and this will definitely ruffle a lot of feathers.


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Bani and Gaurav participate in the task from the Celebs team. Akanksha throws socks at Bani which gets her furious. On the other hand, Lopamudra is seriously losing it. First she gets into an argument with Manu and then Priyanka. Needless to mention some really heated exchange of words happens. Rahul tries to be the peacemaker throughout the game but doesn’t really manage to succeed!


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Fights and tiffs apart, will Celeb Sevaks get the breakthrough they desperately need? Or will Maaliks overpower them yet again! Stay tuned to Bigg Boss 10 for all the drama and action!

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