The mystery is now out!
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  • December 22, 2018
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With a series of events taking place in the lives of Bela and Mahir, tonight is a big revelation night as Bela finds out about who the purple snake is. The one who has been responsible for all the disruptions and chaos has now revealed its identity and Bela is nothing but surprised! Mahir who is unconscious all this time has now gained consciousness and seeing a sudden new development, both Bela and Vish are stunned!


Going forward, in the name-keeping ceremony of Kuhu’s baby, Panditji asks for the mama to name the baby. Bela, at this moment, remembers how they had decided a name for the baby. Yuvi is also seen coming there and suggesting the same name’ Ruhi’ for the baby. Going forward, Bela goes on the terrace to meet Yuvi and asks him about his whereabouts. Here’s when he reveals a secret to her! What could this be? With so much going on, you surely do not want to miss Naagin 3 on Colors tonight at 8 pm.

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