The most-awaited Gathbandhan is here!
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With the onset of one of the most awaited stories, here’s what you should expect in the first week of Gathbandhan. The episode starts with the Parekh family preparing for Sejal’s wedding. Here’s when we see Dhanak taking her mother’s saree to the market. While she’s on her way, three men try to harass her but she teaches them a lesson. On the other hand, Raghu enters with his hands handcuffed. Surrounded by cops, it is now established that Raghu is a don. Savitri, Raghu’s mother along her gang from Dashrath Chawl go to receive him. Later, we see Raghu going to Pakya and finding out about the real Mahendra Parekh. Dhanak, who is getting trained for IPS promises to punish the criminals and serve her nation whereas Raghu decides that this time he won’t let the police catch him and that he will punish Mahendra Parekh.

Raghu and Aslam are seen standing outside Dhanak’s house as balloon sellers and plan to go inside. Just then, Dhanak welcomes the groom’s family along with her siblings. Raghu and Aslam enter the house as dholwalas. On seeing Dhanak, Raghu is absolutely mesmerized by her. Just then, the original dholwalas enter the house with the cops and Raghu starts running. As per demands by the groom’s family, Mahendra Parekh buys a lot of jewelry which falls in all the chaos. Everyone discovers that the jewelry is artificial! The grooms family now feels cheated. What will this result into?








Tune in to Gathbandhan from Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

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