The look has added a style tadka to Simar: Deepika
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The Sasural Simar Ka audience is used to seeing Roli in different avatars- be it a sexy siren in a little black dress, a sardar, or a glamorous Sonia Oberoi. But recently, it was a pleasant surprise to see Simar, aka Deepika Samson in a completely different look. The shorter hair, the saree, the jewellery, everything about this new look spells ‘freshness’. We approve of this look majorly, but let’s see what Deepika has to say about this makeover.


Deepika says, “I was completely satisfied with the looks of Simar so far. Be it the salwar kameez one before marriage or the sarees after marriage. But I am more than happy to get a makeover done. All of us have been waiting for this look change, so we were very excited when we were informed of the look test. And I am super happy with this change and veryyyyy excited to know everyone's reaction!”


Well, we can see that Simar’s makeover gets a thumbs up from Deepika too. As it generally happens in shows, a character’s makeover brings some new energy into the actor, so is this the case with Deepika? 


She replies, “Yes definitely! In fact even in our personal lives if we just get a new haircut we feel and look so fresh, so this complete makeover has done wonders in making Simar look completely fresh. I think overall the look has added a style tadka to Simar but at the same time it’s within the limits of her character. This is the best part about the look.”


Deepika has been involved with the character of Simar since the beginning, so the next natural question is how involved Deepika was in this onscreen makeover? And here is what Deepika has to say- . Whatever options were given by the production house and the channel were so perfect that we did not want to give any different inputs. But the only thing that I suggested is the small mangalsutra as opposed to the longer one that Simar usually wears. And I’m very glad that everyone liked it and approved it.”


So Deepika has decoded Simar’s makeover for you, and is waiting for the audience’s reaction to it. Tell us what you think of this new look in the comments section below!

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